.name {

Chris Maggs

.occupation {

Software Developer @ High level Software

IT Lecturer @ Cardiff University

} .summary {

Web Application Programmer using PHP, MySQL, Cold Fusion, XML, HTML, Javascript and CSS.

IT Lecturer in using PHP & MySQL for web development.

Contract developer for bespoke web-based management systems.

DIY enthusiast, Motorcyclist and Dad of one.

} }


Software developer at High Level Software building and deploying software for the Hotel industry.

Currently building and integrating APIs and web services across all areas of our property management software portfolio.


Contract PHP Developer specialising in PHP/MySQL bespoke web based business management systems.

Built around my own customisable CMS platform, or designed and built for specific business needs.


Currently teaching PHP Scripting and PHP & MySQL for the Web at Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning, at Cardiff University.

These courses offer the ability to learn the fundamentals of PHP as a web programming language, and PHP with MySQL to generate simple web applications, in a relaxed, modern and informal environment.