.name {

Chris Maggs

.occupation {

Senior PHP Developer @ Imaginet Ltd

IT Lecturer @ Cardiff University

} .summary {

Web Application Programmer with over 10 years experience of development using PHP, Cold Fusion, XML, HTML, Javascript and CSS.

IT Lecturer in using PHP & MySQL in practical web development.

Developer of MaggsWebCMS web-based content management system.

DIY enthusiast, Motorcyclist and Dad of one.

} }


A senior developer at Imaginet Ltd building and deploying bespoke Web Applications in PHP, XML & SOAP web services and eCommerce applications.

Comfortable with front-end development in HTML, Javascript & jQuery and CSS; with experience of responsive web design.


MaggsWebCMS is a PHP/MySQL Content Management System designed and built for easy management of website content.

This product is a personal achievement of around 10 years of snatched development time and a small number of web development projects.


Currently teaching PHP Scripting and PHP & MySQL for the Web at Cardiff Centre for Lifelong Learning, at Cardiff University.

These courses offer the ability to learn the fundamentals of PHP as a web programming language, and PHP & MySQL to generate simple web applications, in a relaxed, modern and informal environment.